Preparation Prevents …

… Poor Property Marketing. Once you have decided to put your home on the market, many estate agents will tell you they can make your property “live” that same day and convince you that this is a good thing. 

What makes a difference to you as a seller, is whether or not your property gets the right level of interest that ultimately turns into offers. Given a staggering 95% of people start their property search online, we prefer to trade a couple of days of preparation time to create maximum impact when you go live for the peace of mind that we achieved the very best price and sale for your home. 

So firstly, having great images is essential when making an impression on house hunters. We’ve all been there, scrolling through a feed of property listings at a million miles an hour. We want to make sure your home stands out online and stops those buyers scrolling past. Think about it – when looking for a new home, the first thing most people do is look at the photos. People want to visualise the property not read about it. If they like what they see, then they’ll move onto the text.

 We call in a professional to do the job; they know how to make rooms look brighter and more inviting. Professional photographers also know what angles will best capture your home’s most desirable attributes.

What else matters to achieving you the best sale? Well, according to Rightmove, 90% of buyers think a floorplan is essential, so that’s a given. Did you know however that 95% of people are more likely to call about properties with 3D virtual tours?

With a 3D virtual tour, buyers can do their own walkthrough of properties from anywhere, anytime, generating more interest. We will attract more qualified buyers by giving a complete representation of your home. We can then filter out those that the property may not be right for and concentrate on those genuinely interested. Statistics show that with 3D Tours, properties sell up to 31% faster and at a higher price. 

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