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A TAUK guide to living in Redruth, Cornwall

An area guide to living in and around Redruth

It’s no secret that Redruth is a gorgeous town.

With so many beautiful houses for sale, it’s not difficult to see why people are flocking to the area in droves!

As an estate agent in Redruth, we will explore what it’s like to live here. If you’re thinking about moving to this part of West Cornwall you may want to read on!

A brief history of Redruth

The name Redruth comes from the fact that the stream running along the bottom of Fore Street was discoloured with iron oxide from tinning activities that it ran red.

Hence Redruth, the Cornish for ford, is Rhys, and red is ruth.
Redruth began to take shape in the 12th century.

Redruth developed around the ford, some distance away from the parish church.

This was typical of many Cornish parishes.

The church, with its surrounding cottages, is overlooked by Carn Brea across the parish boundary.

The oldest part of the present building is the tower, built in 1490. The body of the church was enlarged in 1756 to accommodate a growing number of parishioners.

At the bottom of Coach Lane are reminders of the more recent past.

The car park on the left was the town’s first railway station’s site when the line from Redruth to Hayle opened in 1838. By 1852 the railway had been extended to Penzance in the west and Truro in the east.

The viaduct, over the town centre, was built at this time, originally of wood, and the present station was opened.

Fore Street has been Redruth’s main shopping street since the early 18th century.

On market days in the 19th century, it was packed with stalls selling everything from limpets to pianos.

Where is Redruth?

Redruth is in West Cornwall, located in the southwest of the United Kingdom.

The city of Redruth, along with the nearby village Camborne both have a strong industrial heritage, was built on the site of a former Cornish tin-mining centre and are now an important commercial hub for central and west Cornwall.

Redruth lies about halfway between Truro and Falmouth.

Redruth is 30 miles (48 km) northeast of Penzance and 11 miles (18km) west southwest of Truro, the county town.

It has a population at the last census taken in 2011, for Redruth only of 16,886 people – up from 12,000 ten years previously.

Is Redruth a good place to live?

If you are considering moving to Cornwall, Redruth is a great place to live!

It’s near the coast, with easy access to different towns and attractions nearby which means there are plenty of places for day trips or those looking for a weekend adventure.

It also has a train station which is really convenient to get around the rest of Cornwall.

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Where is the cheapest place to live in Cornwall?

If you’re considering moving to West Cornwall, Redruth and Camborne are good options to consider due to their low house prices compared to other areas in West Cornwall.

One of the cheapest places to live in Cornwall is Redruth, with an average house costing £158,000.

A lot of new businesses are moving into this growing town making it a good time to invest or make the town your new home.

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What to do in Redruth

Redruth is a lesser-visited town in Cornwall but it shouldn’t be passed up. The site of many important milestones, Redruth has an interesting industrial past worth exploring and learning from to get an inside look at the county’s history.

Pick up a town guide from The Cornwall Centre in the town centre and take an illuminating tour of Redruth’s landmarks including William Murdoch’s house, which back in 1772 was the first house lit by gaslight.

As you walk around Redruth, there are echoes of its prosperous and important Cornish mining past.

Old buildings line the streets as a reminder of this Cornish area’s status and heritage in commerce during the Victorian era, including the Mining Exchange where bidding for copper and tin took place; the Coffee Tavern built in the year 1838; and Gilbert’s Theatre from 1875.

Today these buildings are places to search for treasures amongst the many antique, curio, and vintage clothing shops.

Reasons to visit Redruth

  • Rich with tin mining history
  • The beautiful old Victorian Theatre
  • Home to the World Heritage Site Gateway – Heartlands
  • Not just shops, there are also a number of cafes, pubs and restaurants and attractions
  • Alongside three golden beaches – Porthtowan, Chapel Porth, and Portreath beach

Best places to eat in Redruth

The 3 best places to eat in Redruth are;

  • Carn Brea Castle Restaurant – Carn Brea Castle is a tiny little castle between Redruth and Camborne in Cornwall. This 500-year-old building offers Middle Eastern cuisine, mezze, and stunning views of the countryside around it for an unforgettable experience. Booking ahead of time is required as this place often fills up quickly with visitors who are eager to try some new food!
  • Jenn’s Diner – A highly reviewed local favourite in a quaint setting serving American classics
  • Smokey Joes – A local choice serving all-day breakfast, sandwiches and Sunday roasts
  • The Cornish Pantry Restaurant in Redruth, west Cornwall, offers the finest cuisine, professionally served with amazing value for money

Best places to visit in Redruth

Things to do in Redruth include;

  • Just down the road from Porthcurno and St. Michael’s Mount, Cornish Mines & Engines is a must-see for locals as well as tourists. This attraction includes not only interactive exhibitions but also an actual working beam engine that you can see in action!
  • Heartlands is a FREE visitor attraction and World Heritage Site Gateway in Cornwall. Nestled just off the A30, there are 19 acres of family fun to explore! State-of-the-art exhibitions, climb on sculptures for kids that adults can enjoy too!, gardens with epic diversity; Heartland’s an all year round destination you won’t want to miss out on.
  • Nestled in the hills outside of Carn Brea is an imposing castle. Built by the wealthy Bassett family, it overlooks a Neolithic hill fort that dates back over 5,000 years old and is one of the oldest human settlements on Cornwall’s coast.

Redruth travel links

Redruth has good access to both the A38 and A30.

The railway station is in Redruth, which runs trains from Penzance up north as far as London. The bus station is also close by with routes going all over Cornwall including Truro, Falmouth, St Ives and Newquay. There are two car parks that you can leave your car in while you commute to and from Redruth Cornwall.

How far is Redruth from Truro by car and train?
Redruth is about 20 minutes away from Truro by car and about 11 minutes by train, which run every 40 minutes, while a bus takes around 26 minutes.

How far is Redruth from Penzance by car and train?
Redruth is about 35 minutes away from Penzance by car and about 30 minutes by train, which run every 60 minutes, while a bus takes around 75 minutes.

How far is Redruth from Falmouth by car and train?
Redruth is about 18 minutes away from Falmouth by car and about 55 minutes by train, which run every 40 minutes, while a bus takes around 45 minutes.

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