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  • Areas: Haywards Heath, Lewes, Newick
  • Our estate agency service is brought to you by Jonathan Crawford Jones, our Local Property Professional, who has been successfully selling homes in Mid-Sussex since 2010.

Jonathan Crawford Jones | TAUK | Estate Agents Newick

Looking for Estate Agents in Newick? Meet Jonathan Crawford Jones, partner agent with TAUK. Jonathan and his family live in the heart of Newick village where...

Estate Agents in Sussex

Looking for Estate Agents in Sussex, serving Haywards Heath, Lewes and Newick?

When it comes to local knowledge, it wouldn’t be easy to find somebody with more experience of the Mid and East Sussex property markets than Jonathan.

Born and bred in Lindfield, he attended high school in Haywards Heath and then college in Lewes. Although he had a brief spell away during his university years in Bournemouth then Brighton, he returned to Mid Sussex 14 years ago, initially to Burgess Hill.

About Jonathan

Jonathan now lives in Newick with his wife and two young sons. When he is not selling homes, you can find him and the family at the Beechland Mill Woods in Newick. Afterwards, they love to go to The Crown Pub in Newick Village, have drinks around the open fire and play card games.

Jonathan has been successfully selling homes for over a decade but originally comes from a hospitality background. Completing a degree in the field, he spent several years managing high-end establishments. As a result that demanded the highest client care levels. And he could see the same level of tailored service missing from the industry which held his true passion; property.

Why Choose Jonathan

In early 2008 he moved into Estate Agency. He enjoyed high ranking positions in several local well-known independent agencies and large corporate estate agents. These included Hamptons International, covering Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill and surrounding areas.

Jonathan held a desire to know his clients better, understand their wants and needs, and surpass their expectations during the moving process. This desire led him to realise that traditional high street estate agents were no longer effective. In offering the best quality and value proposition for their clients.

I made a move to The Agency UK as I truly believe their business model will enable me to provide the highest quality service, at the best possible price, whilst using the most innovative technology and marketing.

Jonathan Crawford Jones

Given his expertise and knowledge, Jonathan specialises in selling homes in Haywards Heath, Lewes and Burgess Hill. As well, of course, Newick, as you can’t get a more dedicated local service than selling your home with the Local Property Professional from your own village!

If you’re thinking of selling your home or would like to know more about the market in Mid and East Sussex, Jonathan would love to hear from you.

Also, please follow him and us at our local Mid-Sussex Facebook Page.

Estate Agents in Sussex, serving Newick, Lewes and Haywards Heath.

Property Types

  • 47% Detached House
  • 41% Semi-Detached House
  • 12% Cottage

Property Status

  • 53% Under Offer
  • 29% Sold
  • 18% For Sale

Property Cities

  • 29% Haywards Heath
  • 24% Lewes
  • 18% Newick
  • 29% Other
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    Abby Birch

    Wow, what can I say, Jonathan was so helpful when we were looking for a house in our local village he really went above and beyond! He offered to post letters and he knocked on doors to personally deliver them. He also regularly posted on facebook to try and find us a house. This proved successful as following all his hard work, someone contacted him who was willing to sell and we were able to view it and secure it before it came to the market. Everything went very smoothly and the icing on the cake was a beautiful orchid and a cream tea from our local tea shop- what more could you ask for?

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    Nigel Chard

    Jonathan recently acted in the sale of my late Father’s house and garden. It had been on the market for approximately a year with a more traditional high street agent, and yes it was during the ups and downs associated with the Covid restrictions, but quite frankly it was going nowhere.

    A change of approach was needed, and, on a recommendation, Jonathan was contacted for a proposal. Yes he is self employed, but he showed he had access to all the internet selling tools, and would provide a complete service. He is an extremely knowledgeable and a very experienced agent, and Jonathan’s approach was different in all respects. Rather than simply putting a value on the property, he clearly demonstrated what the direct opposition would be in the market, both in house type / condition and location, and what was needed for it to gain an edge. It was therefore given a true valuation by Jonathan. That said, the market was still very difficult, and whilst the specific location of the house was excellent, due to Covid its general location (ie town) was not popular.

    However, agreements were quickly reached with Jonathan, and he started a personal crusade to sell the house.
    Jonathan was a direct and 1 to 1 contact who provided excellent information and advice, and did not have to be chased for anything. He conducted all the viewings and thus was able to provide quick, clear, and personal feedback. He did not leave it to the viewers to simply go round the house, but talked to them throughout to gain an insight into their thoughts (whether good or bad). He was always honest in his appraisals, and quickly imparted this information. It is fair to say he also suffered the lows, but it was obvious that he was never about to give up. The market continued to be volatile throughout the whole selling process, but Jonathan remained tenacious and positive in his approach, and not once was a viewing lost because he was not available.

    His clear expert advice was gratefully received when the various offers were tabled, and he assisted greatly in assessing which were likely to be the most promising to achieve completion. Even when an offer had been accepted, Jonathan continued checking down the line on the progress of the chain and frequently provided this information. Success was ultimately achieved and the house was recently sold, and throughout, it was obvious this sale was important to Jonathan and not just another one in a difficult market.

    Jonathan offers an expert personal approach, a calming influence when things do not go as planned, but is always striving for the positive result.

    I would hope not have to go through a selling experience again, but if so, I would not hesitate in going back to Jonathan. He is trustworthy, personable, and passionate, and offers a bespoke service.

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    Sarah Rudder

    Refreshingly different to the normal estate agency experience

    I’ve worked with Jonathan Crawford Jones from TAUK over the last couple of months to sell my house in East Sussex and the process has been very different to the ‘normal’ estate agency experience. Jonathan is passionate about working in a way that is truly customer focused and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is refreshingly responsive in his communication, proactive in his approach and transparent about his ways of working. He builds rapport and trust very quickly and has delivered on everything he said he would. Ultimately, he’s done exactly what so many agents fail to do and made the sale easy and amazingly low stress.

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    Mr Lowden

    House sold, job done…

    I write this as I take a break from packing boxes – we are finally moving house. It all started many, many months ago when we first put our house on the market. There was an initial flurry of interest, then, well then, nothing really happened. Yes, we had a few viewings, but mainly it just sat there for months on end going nowhere. I thought maybe this was normal, and we just had to be patient. So, we practised being patient for quite a long time, until Jonathan turned up and said, quite simply, “I can sell your house – now!” He was convincing enough for us to take him up on his offer, although I was fairly sceptical. After all, what could he do? It was on Rightmove, it had some nice pictures it had a nice description, and it was apparently sellable. What more could be done? But then Jonathan went into action and lit a fire under the whole thing. In no time we had a professional photoshoot, 3D visualization graphics and complete rewrite of all the sales material. As Jonathan said, “we are not selling a house, we are selling a lifestyle”. “You have lived here for over 25 years – tell me everything about this house and tell me why you stayed here for so long”. By the time I had finished Jonathan knew as much about the house, its history its location and its lifestyle as I did. And so, it went live. And then Jonathan really kicked into action. I was impressed by his energy, his professionalism and his incredible knowledge and experience of the housing market and the house sales process. He took control and did exactly what he said he would. It was a real pleasure to work with him. He kept us immediately and continually informed and advised us on viewings, potential buyer status and market response to our house sale. And so of course we had an offer, we accepted and then I saw another quiver to his bow. Jonathan knows the conveyancing process; he understands it and he works it to his advantage. His advice and guidance were invaluable. And so, we sold. And looking back, while I cannot say for absolute certain that without Jonathan, we would not have sold our house, but I can say he played a huge part in it; he made it stress free and enjoyable; was a pleasure to work with and provided valuable insight and advice throughout. And I would use him again – quite simply because I trust him. Must get back to the packing.

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    Mr Langley

    Do you want to sell your property? We did and elected to go down the traditional High Street Estate Agency route. They were local and we believed their history and presence would be beneficial to selling our four bedroom property. The perfect house; perfect location, with great links to everything a purchaser requires. Yes a little quirky in part but seriously charming. What could go wrong? The evaluation was undertaken by a senior director gushing with confidence who valued the property in excess of what we thought was appropriate! But hey ho he was convinced the property would sell very quickly. A percentage contract was signed and he returned to take photographs on his own digital camera! No video, no Matterport, no virtual tours: “… We don’t need to do that” was the retort! A catalogue of disappointments followed for a full year which saw only two viewings in spite of promised interest from the Agent. The contract was terminated and we engaged Jonathan Crawford-Jones from The Agency UK. What a refreshing revelation. From the moment we met Jonathan we knew we had found the person who would sell our property. It was a given as far as we were concerned. He not only empathised with us and our needs but was totally in tune with the house and all it had to offer. Jonathan having had extensive experience within the industry was honest enough to say the traditional approach did not work and the effort and benefits were not geared to the seller, ‘the customer’! (Sadly, we had come to realise that ourselves). Jonathan explained he with the support of The Agency UK had developed a concept of selling properties which put the customer first. Volume customers were not their agenda believing less was more with quality customer service high on their priority list. We were advised we could opt for a fixed fee or a percentage contract. We chose the latter. A professional photographer was engaged, a high resolution interactive Matterport was developed and a personal video walk through with commentary by Jonathan was all included at no extra cost. Jonathan was as good as his word. We had personal contact throughout. Every phone call was answered and acted on. Texted and emails were shared. Hours of quality personal time with us allowed Jonathan to acquire an understanding of the house; garden, neighbours, community to identify the positives. He shared his thoughts where improvements could be made which when acted on became an enhancement. Jonathan had enormous energy and zeal for the task ahead. Having agreed what we thought was an honest price for the property, his professional approach to marketing was engaged. Within the first four days Jonathan had attracted a large pool of interest which saw five positive viewings. Jonathan undertook each and every subsequent viewing regardless of the day or time ensuring it was convenient for all parties without favour to himself. A total of fourteen first class viewings resulted in an acceptable offer. The house was sold in 32 days. Selling a house is known to be a stressful exercise but with Jonathan as our guide, somehow he managed to relieve us of this burden. Whilst we had fourteen fully engaging viewings we were conscious Jonathan had behind the scenes screened out those, where the property would not have met purchaser’s objectives or simple time wasters. Jonathan has certainly put the hours in to sell our property. He has always been there for each interested party being highly professional and diplomatic. He deserves his fee with no resentment on our part concerning this matter. He has worked hard for every penny. Jonathan’s approach is a pleasing refreshing way to selling property which sadly is a total anathema to the High Street Estate Agent. If you are serious about selling your property then we would strongly recommend Jonathan Crawford-Jones as the go to person, supported by The Agency UK.

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