Cornwall Property Market

The Cornish housing market

The wildest market Camborne and Redruth and South West have ever seen?

Over my time as an estate agent, this is comfortably the most manic marketplace I have seen, but what drives the prices up in the towns and our villages with rapid growth seen throughout Illogan, Pool, Tehidy, Kehelland, St Day and Carharrack, to name a few?

The work from home epiphany! In times of great strife, we often see incredible feats of innovation. 

From Zoom calls with family and video game downloads through the roof in lockdown to large and local businesses making a successful and more profitable leap to the home office (albeit with a push from a global pandemic).

Our area has greatly benefitted from this with an influx of people looking to escape the high rises, small plots and congestion of the cities. 

Cornwall, in general, has become a haven for those who now value taking the time to visit heartlands on their lunch break. 

Or to take in the sights of St Ives Bay and, most importantly, to invest in our local businesses, schools and property to take in what we have to offer. 

A genuine, local silver lining to what has for many of us has been an increasingly dark cloud.

The economic push. With mortgages being a favourable way of getting people spending and spending being of great importance to help our national economy recover, we are seeing a more significant number of local first-time buyers and families able to secure finance for their starter and their dream homes.

Local property experts

Every home I have secured offers on over the past few weeks has been sold to someone local or someone looking to move “home”, and with an area renowned for its difficulty to keep local people local, I am immensely pleased to see so many familiar faces securing their most exciting purchase with the increasing number of excellent schemes available.

Many of those escaping the cities opt for the more “recognisable” coastal towns, those based there see the fantastic value of our local villages, local infrastructure and outstanding schools.

With Camborne and Redruth enjoying its busiest marketplace to date, it’s becoming increasingly complicated to understand what a “good” offer is.

With what seems like agents opting for a “quick route to market” with photography that is being done on a smartphone or digital camera and an advert covering the “basics”, I humbly disagree with this methodology.

We have always had one of the most attractive locations in the country to live, and for a good reason. We now have the eyes of the country on us. That is why it’s more important than ever to have a home stand out compared to its competition. It takes well presented professional photography and immersive virtual tours to capture the imagination of those making the long journey down. 

I am writing this whilst looking over the Towans at Gwithian beach, and it makes me appreciate how blessed we are with this spot.

Leading estate agent in Redruth and Camborne

Nick Brown is an outstanding and exceptional local and regional residential property expert covering Redruth and Camborne.

You can read more about Nick here on his dedicated page, estate agents in Redruth and Camborne.

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