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The founders of ‘The Agency UK’ started their careers in traditional estate agency.

Now, with over 60 years of collective experience between them, it’s fair to say that they have seen the industry change.

Through technology growth, everyone has witnessed the changing power dynamics of clients dependency on a high street office versus their desire to transact instantly via technology.

So, The Agency UK founding team all became early adopters of the online and hybrid space to experience how technology could benefit a property transaction and to allow them to offer consumers alternative ways to transact.

In the UK, the past five years have seen desire grow from estate agents who want to work with more autonomy. They want to serve their clients better. They want free of the typical, client unsuitable, 9am – 5pm working routine. They deserve to earn more money, but, understandably, what works across the pond, doesn’t necessarily work on British shores.

So, who better to build a truly British self-employed model than those who have worked in different international real estate markets and have been successful here in the UK? Those who truly understand the nuances and the adaptions required.

The Agency UK’s founding team has a unique and unparalleled pedigree and experience to deliver the Estate Agency that everyone deserves.

It’s no secret that Andy is famed as an inspirational trainer; his onboarding sessions are the stuff of estate agency folklore. There’s doubtful anybody to find who regrets taking that initial call to join him and, many are quick to reference him as the individual who reignited their love for estate agency.

He did, however, start his Estate Agency journey in a very traditional manner. Earning his stripes as a Sales Negotiator in a corporate Estate Agency just 17, then quickly headhunted to join a leading independent agency along the South Coast as a lister, which latterly led to running his own branches, becoming a market leader.

After running estate agency business’ in 2007, the next seven years taught Andy that the clients were asking for a more modern experience than the traditional high street agency then offered and that agents themselves needed a different and better way of life. Andy found himself returning to his alma mater and launching Purplebricks alongside the founders in 2014, subsequently leading both the training and recruitment of over 400 experienced estate agents as Purplebricks expanded across the UK.

Setting Andy apart from most UK estate agency leaders is his experience working in global real estate markets, notably Australia and the USA. From market research to training and development, his role as Senior Vice President took his personal agent training count to over 1,000 agents globally. His deep understanding of the market nuances led him to believe there was a gap in the market for a truly British self-employed offering.

Returning to the UK, he was a sought after commodity for estate agencies looking to transform their business to suit both the modern-day client and agents needs. He spent time at a renowned corporate agency, but they taught him nothing more than that all the bureaucracy and red tape diminishes creativity, adaptability and nimbleness.

And so, the desire to build something better was born.

Passion, humility and humour are three words synonymous with Mark Bruce as both the renowned Estate Agent and revered leader that he is.

A near three decades in property gives you much more than just an instinctive ability for valuing homes; it’s the undeniability that property runs deep within your veins, and the fact that without people our property industry would not exist.

Mark spent many years working within traditional high street settings, successfully selling thousands of homes on his own merit as well as opening new branches and running regional estate agency teams. Despite building a variety of well-respected brands such as Arun Estates and Fine & Country, Mark still experienced all too often how the personal estate agency service can get lost.
As a pioneer of the hybrid movement, Mark continued to grow his reputation and standing but still felt the frustrations of agents and clients alike; they felt their frustrations weren’t listened to. Their needs weren’t cared for as individuals. He knew there was a better way.

During the summer of 2020, basking in the ability to socialise post-Lockdown no.1, Andy and Mark lamented over a beer. They talked about estate agency and changes that could swing the pendulum favouring the client and the agent. The rest, as they say, is history, it’s why The Agency UK is here.

Steph started her Estate Agency career as a Sales Negotiator in 2003, working for her families Estate Agency brand and quickly became known across her home county as a tenacious and formidable estate agent.
She has spent the last 18 years building and leading Estate Agency businesses, gaining a uniquely positioned pedigree in traditional and hybrid, independent and corporate estate agencies. Notably, as a founding member and integral part of the Purplebricks Global Management Team from 2015 to 2019, she turned her hand to strategy and operations; leading a team of over 100 individuals to deliver an exceptional estate agency branch experience to clients virtually and 24/7. Then, venturing to the USA, where she led the overall recruitment and HR function, honing her natural ability to identify and nurture great talent.
Upon return to the UK, she spent 12 months delivering training, mentorship and support to estate agents within the self-employed space.

“I have long since had the desire to create an environment where exceptional estate agency talent can flourish, focus on what they do best and be correctly financially recompensed. I am fortunate to have two business partners who share this desire, but each has a vision themselves. Between us, based on our experiences, we can create that support network that agents need to be truly successful.”

Our mission is to empower agents, financially and operationally, allowing them to exceed client expectations and deliver an outstanding selling experience.

Agents work hard, often with limited resources, to provide a selling experience for people selling their most valuable asset.

Should not that agent have all the tools at their disposal to make that selling experience not only seamless but also exceptional?

Should not that agent deserve to earn the bulk of the commission?

Our Vision is to be the most respected Estate Agency brand that brings together the best interests of both estate agents, their clients, and everyone in the process by understanding what people really want and need when selling their home, their greatest asset.


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